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•Custom Web Design
•Affordable hosting
•No templates!
•Support for self-help
•Custom Forms
•Google Maps
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Custom Web Design
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Domain Name - A domain name is your Internet address.  Pick something that reflects you or your business that will help people find you.. Should you have a .biz or .com? Ask me!

Web Design - That's what I'm here for! The images in "The Garden" are links to websites I've planted. Feel free to look around and jot a list of what you want for your own design.

Web Hosting - I can do that too or you may have your own. A host is the BIG computer  that 'serves' your website to the whole world - via the Internet - that host is your Internet "plot of land".
Getting your own custom website is easy!
I don't list exact fees, ~ no two custom websites are alike. I will e-mail a FREE quote, just ask. Have a look around,  send me a note when you're ready to have your own unique website!
$350 Base* design rate includes custom designed three pages that link together, one image per page. E-mail link to your own address. Up to four outside links. Site submission to Google.†
Custom Designed Web Site Packages
Raised Bed
$495 Base* design rate includes up to five custom designed pages, all linking together. Photo options two per page and one page with a six photo slide show. E-mail link to your own address. Up to six outside links. Site submission to Google.†
The Rock Garden
$895 Base* design rate includes up to seven pages of a one of a kind custom design, all linking together. Photo options, up to three per page and one page with a photo gallery or slide show - up to 9 photos. Google search box. MP3 player with up to four songs, client must provide MP3 files. E-mail link to your own address. Up to 10 outside links. Site submission to Google.†
Tools for Cultivation
* Base rates are for design and your first year of web hosting. All websites require a domain name and web hosting to remain published on the Internet. Updates and addons are optional. † Site submission to Google or any other search engine and or SEO does not guarantee a landing page or position. The only way to guarantee the #1 spot is with a paid third party advertising account.
•Domain Name $20 per year registration
•Basic Web Hosting $9 per mo or SAVE with yearly rate $50
•Web Updates $20 per hour
•Custom E mail Contact Form $25 & up
•Google Map $15
•Video Player $15
•SEO, custom meta and keywords - rates start at $175
Already have a website that you're not pleased with? Send me your web address, along with changes you would like to make. I will review your web site,  your requests and send you a quote for a new custom design.